Story for Dave

Here’s something I didn’t tell you. When I was getting tea at bittersweet the other day there was this guy at the counter and he was saying to his friend: what should I do? So I said: about life? And he said, well I was asking my friend but if you have any ideas. Like for a job.

Well, I said and I looked at his glasses and thought maybe he’s a writer and then I closed my eyes. Something in a quiet space, I said. And something to do with paper. And something where you have some interaction with people but not too much. Maybe like, in a gallery, although I think I meant a studio. And then he said huh. Cause I’m a sculpture and I make work out of paper.

See you already knew! I said. Well it looked like you were seeing things, he said. Only what you were telling me, I said. I could have gone on. About how I had moved out of New York and how that had given me a whole life that I have only now started to appreciate.   Instead I said thanks for letting my practice my intuitive skills and walked out feeling delighted with my success.


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