Yesterday I went to the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center for a prenatal swim class. We used these floaty devices strapped onto our bellies to keep our heavy bodies buoyant. Instead of swimming we did the equivalent of running in water which meant that we used our cupped hands to move ourselves across the pool.

As soon as I entered the pool I felt great right away. The sun was shining and the pool was just the right temperature and it felt so good to be immediately relieved of all the weight of motherhood that I wasn’t exactly ready to feel. Some of that is in my body: the belly, the expanding hips, the thighs that now touch, and some of that is in my mind: the books I haven’t written, the ones I haven’t read, the lives I haven’t lived, all much heavier than the two pounds that is my newly growing girl.

We gabbed in the pool, the other first time moms and me, mostly about sweets. How many brownies should we eat per day, if any, and how on earth are we to drink the amount of water that we need to drink to stay hydrated? The chores of feeding ourselves somewhat relieved by a husband who made a salad or a boyfriend who looked the other way as another ice cream cone went down the shoot.


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